2017 Cinema Club [in prod.] Larry Hooker Morning Starr Productions
2017 Being Dead [in prod.] Dano Peppertree Productions
2017 Gaza Strip Craig SIFA
2016 Panorama Peter Dumbsaint
2016 Soil Martin Kapil Hemudan Gadhvi
2016 SFv1 Prisoner X Shane Abbess
2016 Dead Sunrise Michael (lead) SHH Hybrid Arts
2015 Quarantine Hauntings Dr Welsh Morning Starr Productions
2011 The Aussie Who Baffled the World Young Jim Frazier Eponine Productions
2005 Superman Returns Junior Journalist Warner Bros. Pictures

2017 Love Child Pimp Nine Network
2015 Inside Story Detective Nine Network / eegenda
2014 Inside Story Joe Rix Nine Network / eegenda
2012 Behind Mansion Walls Gareth Jenkins Beyond Productions
2011 Deadly Women Stacey Lea-Caton Beyond Productions
2011 Deadly Women Joe Tinning Beyond Productions
2011 Behind Mansion Walls Larry Thomas Beyond Productions
2011 Behind Mansion Walls Uniformed Cop Beyond Productions
2011 Behind Mansion Walls Sergeant Andrews Beyond Productions
2010 COPS L.A.C. Justin Pierce Channel Nine Productions
2009 RESCUE Special Ops Grant Carey Southern Star Productions

2016 Mid Ayr Skinner (featured) M.Humphreys / Triple J / NIDA
2016 Lucy B Lover (lead) The Creative Foundry
2015 Playing With Rockets Bareknuckle (featured) Jefferton James Designs
2014 Stu Larsen Son (lead) Jefferton James Designs
2014 Ponyboy Lumberjack Jefferton James Designs
2013 Baylou Witch Doctor (lead) Jefferton James Designs
2013 Tin Sparrow Man (lead) Jefferton James Designs
2012 Oh Mercy Man (lead) Jefferton James Designs
2012 Charlie Mayfair Husband (lead) Jefferton James Designs

2017 Guardian Funerals Featured BANJO
2015 Film Pond Lead Sydney Film Studios
2015 Asset Guru Featured Byron Quandary
2015 Vaucluse House Museum Lead Sydney Living Museums
2015 NRMA Featured Collider
2015 Fosters (UK) Featured REVOLVER films
2012 TAB Lead BWM
2012 Commonwealth Bank Lead C4
2011 BRYDEN’S LAWYERS Lead Carbon
2010 TELSTRA Lead I4
2010 V.B. Lead REVOLVER films
2010 Tough Nuts Promo Lead TACTIC creative services / FOXTEL
2009 TELSTRA Microsite Lead Belgiovane Williams Mackay
2009 VIVA Wipes Featured Captiv8
2005 Rural & General Ins. Lead R & G Insurance
2005 Nissan Pathfinder Featured Nissan

2017 Mexican Standoff Gary Short & Sweet (Audience Choice Winner)
2016 Woyzeck Soldier, Scientist John Sheedy / NIDA
2015 The Shoe Horn Sonata Rick, Interviewer Emu Heights Productions
2014 Scenes From An Execution Prodo Tooth & Sinew / Old Fitz
2014 To Kill a Mockingbird Bob Ewell New Theatre
2013 The Crucible (fundraiser) John Proctor Emu Heights Productions
2012 A View From Moving Windows Augusta Supple / Riverside
2012 Wrecking Van Fat Boy Dancing / TRS
2012 Breaker Morant Botha The Theatre Troupe
2011 How To Lose Sight Peter SHH Hybird Arts
2011 Oh, The Humanity… The Photographer pantsguys
2010 Alex & Eve [Melb. Season] Chris, Mohommad Bulldog Theatre
2008 The Power of the Dog Sorge Nepean
2007 What a Piece of Work Peter Cyren Nepean
2006 Hard Night Robert Short & Sweet / RAPA
2005 The Negotiating Table Peter Bulldog Theatre
2005 Coppertail Creek Cookie RAPA
2005 The Burning Benedict, Henry Phoenix Theatre Company
2005 The Dream Bottom, Pyramus Lane Cove Dramatic Society
2004 Up For Grabs Kel RAPA
2004 Term Of His Natural Life Mogford, Kirkland Genesian Theatre Company

2018 The Hopeless Romantic Support Spike Hogan / Celyren Phipps
2017 Hunger Lead Adamas Films
2017 Green River: Part 2 Featured Dumbsaint
2017 Green River: Part 1 Featured Dumbsaint
2017 Just Like Him Lead films4change
2016 Legacy Lead Peter Maple / NIDA
2016 Close Featured Emme Hoy / NIDA
2016 Carking It Featured Gretel Vella / NIDA
2016 The Last Shot [in prod.] Featured Boris Ivanoff
2015 Garden at the End of the World Lead Daniel Gunn
2015 Snap Attack Lead Glenn Marsden Photography
2015 Motel Featured James Savelberg
2015 Last Words Featured Lucas Jatoba
2015 Only Way to Be Alone Lead Guy Duncan
2015 Shift Lead Scarlet Fire Films
2015 Last Bites Lead Dane McCusker
2015 Dovetail Lead Peter Maple / Alexander Lee-Rekers
2014 Safe House Lead Isabel Pamatmat
2014 Dud Dates Lead Melissa Goffredo / Dud Dates
2009 Stradivarius Lead International Film School
2008 Suited Rituals Lead Nepean Honours Program
2007 Frank Mackenzie Lead Two Dots and a Curve
2006 90 Degrees Downhill Featured APA Film School
1999 Last Goodbye Lead Metro Screen
1998 In Your Face Lead Metro Screen

2017 Errata Paul Blancmange Productions
2017 Broken Harry Blancmange Productions