Something Wicked This Way Comes. Peter Maple talks with Jonathan Biggins about Mr Stink – TALKING ARTS

Theatre for children – is there really such a thing? Do we need such a delineation? Or do we all just need to grow up and stop taking ourselves so seriously all the time?

David Walliams’ award-winning children’s book, Mr Stink, potently comes to life on stage at the Seymour Centre at end of this February, for the beginning of year long national tour. Jonathan Biggins directs the CDP production about young Chloe who befriends the local ‘tramp’, Mr Stink. Family, friendship, community, and identity come under the microscope and waft our way in this fun, and cheeky, and human tale. Something’s definitely in the air…

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Real Life – True Stories? Peter Maple talks to Henry Naylor about Angel – TALKING ARTS

Borders. Territory. Men. Women. Children. Family. War.

Bullets. Guns. Flesh. Bone. Love.

Freedom. Adversity. Despair. Loss. Courage. Strength. Power.

These are just some of the many affairs under examination in Henry Naylor’s politically-loaded, Angel – a hypnotic one-woman show that chronicles the life story of the ‘Angel of Kobane’, a pistachio farmer’s daughter in Northern Syria who became one of the deadliest snipers in recent history. The show has travelled to us from tumultuous successes at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival to land here, in Mittagong and Illawarra, under the banner of the Merrigong Theatre Company.

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Eyes Wide Open. Peter Maple talks to Luke Rogers about Blink – TALKING ARTS

When I chat to director Luke Rogers he and his creative team are heavy into the process of bumping in to the Kings Cross Theatre for their upcoming production of Blink, by Phil Porter.

“directing consists of such a strong connection between a group of people – a collective – who are all engaged deep in a shared conversation. And I get to be the driving force behind all that”

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Food. And Thought. – Peter Maple talks with Wayne Harrison – TALKING ARTS

Wayne Harrison and I sat down during a lunch break to share some food for thought amidst a day’s rehearsal for the upcoming production of Hakawati

‘Hakawati’ – meaning the Storyteller – may indeed be the role Wayne Harrison himself is assuming in our chat today and also as the director of the National Theatre of Parramatta’s Hakawati for the Sydney Festival at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta.

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