Tony Bosworth, writing in the Parramatta Advertiser

Parramatta Advertiser
Tony Bosworth 7 Dec 2016

Peter Maple.

EVERYONE has a story to tell, says Rosehill actor, playwright and author Peter Maple, who is encouraging Australians to tell more of their own stories.

“We need to be generating and telling more new Australian stories on a more regular basis,” he said.

Mr Maple is studying a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Performance at NIDA and is a married father to Angus, 7, and two-year-old Maggie.

“I make up stories for them and read to them in the evening and they tell me about their day but I encourage them to tell it to me in story form. I think it definitely activates their imagination and drives that creativity within them and more people should do it.”

The actor has worked across films, TV, theatre, prose, and devised works, as a writer, actor and director and is currently writing an as yet-unnamed stage play dealing with violence and trauma.

“With my writing I am really trying to create a visceral, evocative experience for the reader. It’s emotional, not so much narrative based, rather experiential,” he said.