FILM – War and Crime; Crime and War – HIGH STAKES DRAMA for sure.

Genre films like the war film and the detective mystery – can be so strong and effective it seems. Many quality films have been born out of these ‘landscapes’.
They tend to be so very Tight, Vigorous, and Bold. So very engaging.
(Not that I’m advocating war, nor crime…)
But – creatively – in the World Of Storytelling – why do they often work so powerfully and enthrall…?
To me – it is the Contexts of these Worlds that are so very Clear and Precise. They are Easy To Understand (whether the Plot or Narrative within is more complex or not).
-Life and Death. Crime and Perpetrator. Friend or Foe. Enemy or Comrade. Guilty or Innocent. Live or Die. ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’…, etc-
Without a doubt – the Stakes ARE HIGH.
And as an ‘audience’, we can cleanly and simply recognise what’s to Gain or Lose.
Perhaps The Contexts of such clear-cut Frameworks and acutely defined Borders and/or Lines, therefore allows us as an audience an ‘ease’ and Access to Immediately Invest and Engage with the Content (however convoluted, perplexing, puzzling – or repelling and repulsing – it may be…).
Anyway, just something that had crossed my mind…